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  • Funding Field Trips for East Chicago Students

     FEC underwrites an incredibly diverse range of activities for East Chicago students, allowing them hands-on training and life experiences that will help them succeed.

  • Funding Pace Bus 892 for East Chicagoans

     FEC stepped in to cover the cost of the Pace Bus route that a number of East Chicagoans depend on for transportation to work.


     This is an overview of FEC's accomplishments over the years, detailing the ways in which we have served our local community.

  • Promoting Health and Fitness for All of East Chicago

     FEC has invested over two million dollars to improve the health and physical well being of East Chicago residents at every stage of life.

  • Teaching Teamwork to East Chicago Children

     FEC has given more than $600,000 to help local leagues and schools train coaches and young athletes, buy equipment and support traveling teams.

  • The Skin We Live In

     The Skin You Live Inis an arts based program to learn through literature and art for second graders in our region.  It is based on a popular book of the same title that promotes diversity and acceptance.

  • We Are Neighbors

     "We Are Neighbors" is a progrma of resident-led teams who manage and protect public spaces on their streets and near their homes.
  • Putting East Chicago Back to Work

    Ivy Tech provides job training for East Chicago residents.  Theu provide hands-on training in the most innovative techniques currently used in the field.
  • Put East Chicago back to work

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On Friday, Jan. 20, the Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) partnered with the School City of East Chicago to host their first annual Scholarship, College and Career Resource Fair.
The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) is comprised of people who work hard to better the community. Grant and Scholarship Committee member Coach Peterson is no different.
April 6, 2017 marked the Foundations of East Chicago’s (FEC) 20th scholarship program celebration. The evening saw 91 students from East Chicago, Ind. collectively receive over one million dollars in college scholarships.