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Who We Are

Work of the Foundations of East Chicago is funded by the AMERISTAR East Chicago Casino and Hotel. One percent of their revenues come to the Foundations, and are used to benefit residents of East Chicago.

Our Philosophy

We work diligently behind the scenes to support the programs which strengthen the quality of life for our citizens. A mosaic of support touches the lives of nearly every resident, and fits together beautifully. We take pride that today, there are more homeowners in East Chicago, that we have cleaner, friendlier neighborhoods, and more access to health and fitness facilities than ever in our city’s history.

Seniors here are celebrated, not neglected. Adults learn new skills and make hard transitions in employment with no real disruption to their lives, or the lives of their families. Our children who apply themselves and work hard in school can play on sports teams, learn to sail, and earn ample scholarship money for their education. We can be proud of cultural differences which are one of the many things that make our city a special place to live.

The Core Values We Champion

Integrity – In all that we do, we seek to be as honest, fair and as supportive as possible. Our aim is to promote immediate-term healing and healthy decision-making for the future of our community.

Wise stewardship – We have the responsibility and privilege to serve as stewards of funding entrusted to East Chicago from the local gaming operation, and to invest in the lives of people who comprise our city, both for today and for the future.

Cultural diversity – We see the diversity of our community as a unique strength to be celebrated, nurtured, and where possible, cultivated.

Our Leadership


Board of Directors



George Weems

Peter Smith
Vice President

Mario Palacios

Sylvia Morrisroe

Cedric Gamble

Joseph Verduzco

Rosa M. Peña

Executive Director

Tereka Boone
Education Program Director

Alexis Jimenez
Director of Office Administrative Services

Janet Wozniak
Community Program Director

Evelyn Goins
Office Operations/Grant Support

Raquel Avila
Office Operations/Data Support

Veronica Perez
Office Operations/Scholarship Support


Grant Committee Members

Nereida Harretos
Juanita Hill
Rita Jacque-Gillis
Rev. Willie Johnson
Nadyne Kokot
Dolores Lakich
  Rev. Moses Paez
Richard Peterson
Jose Rivera
Maria Vargas
Kathleen Zipko


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Featured News

On Friday, Jan. 20, the Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) partnered with the School City of East Chicago to host their first annual Scholarship, College and Career Resource Fair.
The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) is comprised of people who work hard to better the community. Grant and Scholarship Committee member Coach Peterson is no different.
April 6, 2017 marked the Foundations of East Chicago’s (FEC) 20th scholarship program celebration. The evening saw 91 students from East Chicago, Ind. collectively receive over one million dollars in college scholarships.